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WOOLF Treats - The Best Ever


Here at Smiley Myley, we have been proud to be offering Woolf treats on our website since the beginning of our journey. Mylo must have tried nearly all the different varieties of treats over the years, and we have not found any that he didn't gobble up asking for more!! So why did we decide to stock Woolf dog treats? 

A little background on the Woolf brand - Woolf Snacks are made only from the highest quality raw materials. In 2015 there were 13 kinds of Woolf Snacks on offer. In 2016, there were already 27 products due to the great interest.

The WOOLF brand is committed to use the highest possible quality of meat, to ensure your dogs will love it. Currently Woolf offer 35 kinds of Woolf Snacks and newly 7 dental Woolfies Snacks.

Woolf Snacks tries to prevent various complications. With, for example the Soft Cranberry Strips, containing 50% cranberries, or the Blueberry Strips, the King of Antioxidants, both helping to reduce the formation of urinary stones and help protect against free radicals that damage cells.

Woolf says: "We do not sell meat Snacks, we sell WOOLF. Everybody will find a choice for their pet thanks to a wide range of shapes and sizes including six kinds of meat (lamb, rabbit, chicken, duck, fish, beef). And as always with a very high meat content"

We at Smiley Myley recommends that everyone always buys the best possible products, the ones that are healthier and significantly safer and more friendly to your pets. No colourants, no preservatives, no salt etc…

We know Mylo appreciates a good, wholesome treat for being just awesome and gets really excited when we offer him a treat or a snack. We are all sure that your furry friend will also love these treats, so please do give them a try! Click on the link here to see the collection and choose your pup dogs favorite treat: https://smileymyley.co.uk/collections/treats-and-snacks


Take care everyone x


Claire and Tim Downer, and Mylo - Co-Founders of Smiley Myley 






All Woolfsnacks are certified HACCP, BRC, ISO 22000, ISO 9001.







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